Mobile Notary 

For your convenience, Signed & Sealed Notary Group offers mobile notary services where we are happy to come to your home, business, hospital or any location in need of notarization.  

Apostille and Authentication 

Signed & Sealed Notary Group works with businesses and individuals to certify documents for international use. Our professional team will help you obtain the appropriate certificates and stamps by reviewing your document for the correct format, attaching the relevant affidavits, completing the proper applications to register your documents with, and submitting your documents to the proper agencies for fast processing. 

Loan Signing Agent

This service generally includes printing loan documents, meeting the signer and notarizing their signature, and quickly returning the documents for processing. We are also responsible for following any additional instructions from the lender, title company or signing service that hires us for loan closing work. Since Loan Signing Agents have access to private financial information about borrowers and are sent into their client's home, the mortgage finance industry requires all Signing Agents to undergo a background screening on an annual basis. This helps prevent mortgage fraud and ensures the consumer's information is secure. At Signed & Sealed Notary Group, you can rest assured that you are protected. 

Our Inclusive Notary Services

These services include Real Estate transactions, Transfer of Ownership and Title, Title Escrow Closings, Loan and Mortgage Closings, Deeds, Refinance, Reverse Mortgages, Loan Modification, Lien Releases, Business and Professional Contracts and Licensing, Employment  and Government Forms, I9 Employment Verification, Finger Printing, Financial documents, Promissory Notes, Investment Documents, Personal Statements, Vehicle Title Transfer, Lease Agreements, Bill of Sale, Domestic and Family documentation, Adoption papers, Annulment papers, Dissolution of Marriage, Declaration of Common Law, Pre-Martial Agreements, Name Changes, Declaration of Guardianship, Travel Consent, School District Residency/Forms, Proof of  Residency, Medical and Health Records/Consents, Pension and Retirement Documents, Certified Copy of Power of Attorney, Bank Power of Attorney, Trusts and Wills, Deed of Trust, Advance Medical Directives, Acknowledgments, Jurats, Affirmations, Affidavits, Oaths, Sworn in for Testimony, Protesting Bill for Non-Payment, Prison Inmate Documents and Apostille Service. 
Please call us if you have a notarization need that is not listed. 


All mobile services provided by Signed & Sealed Notary Group will incur a travel charge. The authorized fee is $4.00 for each notarial act. This doesn't include Real Estate/Loan Signing, I9 Employment Verifications or Apostille.

Mobile Notary Fees

Travel charges are not statutory fees and are listed separately from Georgia Notary Fees.

Mobile Notary Services are available 24/7.

 8:00 a.m. to 7:00  p.m.                   $ 65.00  +  Notary Fee

 7:01 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.                   $100.00 +  Notary Fee

10:01 p.m. to 7:59 a.m.                    $150.00  +  Notary Fee

Location Charge Fees

Jails and Detention Centers 1 hour at location
ATL Airport
Hospitals and Nursing Homes (30 minutes at location)
Excessive Wait Time (more than 30 minutes at location)
$45.00 per hour


Cancellation Fee: $ 35.00 (minimum)

Cancellation charges are not statutory fees and are listed separately from Georgia Notary Fees.

Customer provides less than two hours’ notice for cancellation (minimum)

Customer No-Show

Customer Proof of Identity Issue

Customer Late Arrival – Unable to Complete Transaction

Customer Unwilling or Unable to Complete the Transaction

Real Estate/Loan Signing

Real estate closing/loan signing fees are not statutory fees and are listed separately from Georgia Notary Fees.

Each real estate closing / loan signing will receive a custom quote based on transaction details that include:

✓ Document package size

✓ Number of notarizations

✓ Number of signers (including a non-borrowing spouse)

✓ Mileage to the signing location scheduling and lead time

✓ Timing of document delivery

✓ Any other misc transaction details.

Please call for your quote today.