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What is a Notarization?

General notarizations are mainly classified by two categories: (1) Acknowledgement and (2) Jurat. An Acknowledgment is a notarial act that is used to verify the identity of a signer. The signer does not need to be in the presence of a Notary Public when they sign the document however, they do need to personally appear before the Notary Public to confirm their signature on the document. The signer must also acknowledge signing the document for the purpose intended. 

A Jurat is a notarial act that is used when a signer is swearing or affirming the veracity of the contents in a document. In this case, the signer needs to personally appear before a Notary Public, sign the document before the Notary Public, and verbally swear or affirm that the contents of the document are true and accurate to the signers’ knowledge.

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